Dr. Popkow removes Gang Tattoos For Free

Santa Monica, Calif.- Some Angelinos can get their tattoos removed for free, compliments of Steven Popkow, M.D. this family practitioner has had special training in dermatology. He has purchased his own Nd: YAG laser and is offering to remove gang tattoos for patients referred by Volunteers in Parole, the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, Venice Family Clinic, Los Angeles Clinic and Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Dr. Popkow is willing to do this free to help people leave their gang associations in the past. He grew in up in East Los Angeles near Montebello and has tried to serve that population.

Some of the patients are:
A car salesmen who wanted a tattoo removed; it is hard to sell luxury cars with a drug tattoo on his arm.

A physician assistant who wanted to remove a
tattoo from his forearm where it is visible under
a short-sleeve smock. He would like to have it
redone on his deltoid where it will be hidden
from his patients. Call this a tattoo transfer if
you will.

A woman had a rose removed from her ankle
when the colors faded and it no longer looked good.

This is a continuation of his need to serve
people in need. Dr. Popkow has done
thousands of laser procedures with
great results.

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